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HDE Temperature Gun Infrared Thermometer w/ Laser Sight


Take accurate temperature readings with this laser-sighted infrared gun-style thermometer. Reads in Celsius or Fahrenheit, with a switch inside the battery compartment to choose between them. There's also a switch to turn on or off the laser sight. Product Features: * Distance Spot Ratio: 12:1 * C/F Selection * Backlight * Response Time: 500ms * Auto Power Shut-Off * Automatic Data Hold * Low Battery Indicator

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De’Longhi CGH800 Contact Grill and Panini Press


Enjoy contact grilling all year long with the De'Longhi Contact Grill and Panini Press. You will always get consistent and thoroughly grilled and toasted foods with the fully embedded plate and contact cooking, as it distributes heat evenly to avoid any overly hot or cold spots. Impress your family and guests by preparing many different meals, from burgers to steak, to chicken and panini sandwiches; the adjustable hinge accommodates food of any size. For a healthier twist on grilling, the machine is slightly slanted allowing grease and oil to drain away from your food. And ensure precise grilling and toasting with the adjustable thermostat. If you've been grilling for hours, you won't be cleaning for hours, simply wipe off the non-stick grill plate and empty the drain cup. It's that easy! It's safety first with this contact grill -- the cool touch handles allow for easy movement once grilling or toasting is complete. Other highlights include an on/off indicator light and safety locking system for convenient, upright storage. You'll enjoy grilled foods and delicious toasted sandwiches for years to come!

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CH Engineering ProductsTM -Infrared Thermometer


GXMT55 infrared thermometer provides accurate readings over a broad range of temperatures, from -58 to 1022 degrees Fahrenheit (-50 to 550 degrees Celsius). It displays both the current temperature and maximum temperature on the bright backlit LCD display. Advanced ergonomic design and rugged construction for industrial environments. This non-contact infrared thermometer has been designed for a broad range of uses including automotive diagnostics, HVAC service, electrical troubleshooting, cooking and food preparation, and hobbies. Advantages of Using Geatex Thermometers - Ability to measure hazardous or inaccessible objects. - Ability to measure high temperatures. - Ability to measure a moving target. - Eliminates contamination and mechanical effect on the target. - Speed. Typical infrared thermometer measurements takes less than one second. - Max temperature function: it can take the highest temperature of the area tested by scanning and save the data at the bottom of the screen. - EMS adjustable function: each article has its suitable emissivity, the adjustable emissivity function can make the test more accurate by adjust suitable emissivity for different articles.

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BRENTWOOD TS-605 2-Slice Electric Contact Grill


EnnoLogic Temperature Gun Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer


Take accurate non-contact temperature readings of any surface within less than a second. Warning: Once You Own this Powerful and Fun Tool You Won't be able to Put it Down The eT650D from ennoLogic is a non-contact infrared thermometer that allows you to measure the temperature of an object from a distance by sensing its radiated infrared energy. It is a feature-packed instrument with countless uses that include cooking, refrigeration, automotive, A/C, HVAC, and many other home uses. NOT designed for body temperature measurement. -Measure surface temperatures between -58°F and 1202°F (-50°C to 650°C) with an accuracy of ± (1% of reading + 1°C/2°F) or ± 2°C/3.5°F (whichever is greater) -Scan feature with Min, Max, and Average display -Two built-in laser pointers help you to precisely identify the target spot you're pointing at -Large easy-to-read display with bright backlight -Toggle between °F and °C, and turn backlight and laser on and off individually, all settings are retained between uses -Distance to Spot Ratio 10:1 -Fast power-up and response time of approx. 500 milliseconds -Adjustable emissivity provides increased accuracy for different materials -Adjustable High/Low set points with audible alarm -Ergonomic, attractive and rugged design -Package includes one eT650D, Holster, 9V battery, and user manual The ennoLogic eT650D comes with a 10-Year Warranty, a Hassle-Free Replacement Guarantee, and a Risk-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee. Click the Add to Cart Button Now or Buy with 1-Click Checkout.

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