BRENTWOOD TS-605 2-Slice Electric Contact Grill



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Benchmark 62020 20 Dog Roller Grill, 120V, 800W, 6.7A


20 Dog roller grill. Stainless steel construction, removable drip trays and non-stick rollers ensure ease of cleaning. All of these grills feature a high-torque motor and are covered by Benchmark USA’s exclusive three-year warranty. 360 Degree roller rotation insures evenly cooked hotdogs. Optional sneeze guards and dry bun boxes are available for all three models. Removable drip tray collects grease for easy clean up. Non-stick stainless steel rollers make cleaning a breeze. Accommodates any size hotdog and many sausages and breakfast links. Front and rear heat controllers (on 20 and 30 dog models) for cooking and holding. High torque motor for years of durability. 120 Volts. 800 Watts. 6.7 Amps. Measures 22" width by 8" height by 16" depth.

Benchmark 62020 20 Dog Roller Grill, 120V, 800W, 6.7A image

Cuisinart GR-11 Griddler 3-in-1 Grill and Panini Press


Compact Convenience For succulent steaks, juicy burgers and crispy grilled sandwiches, look no further than the Cuisinart Griddler Grill and Panini Press. The unit's upper and lower nonstick, removable grill plates provide even grilling and toasting. The integrated drip tray makes it easy to drain grease away from food for healthier cooking. Designed like professional units, its floating hinge adjusts to accommodate any thickness for perfectly grilled thin or thick panini and sandwiches. The present temperature is ideal for grilling and takes the guesswork out of cooking to ensure crisp, golden-brown results. With 'Power On' and 'Ready to Cook' indicator lights, operation is simple. Even more, the GR-11 takes up minimal space and provides just enough surface area to cook for a couple of friends or family members. Panini Made Easy The word "panini" is an Italian term for grilled sandwiches. Panini can include a combination of ingredients such as vegetables, meat and cheese layered between two pieces of freshly baked bread. The sandwich is then pressed between two grill plates to toast the bread and warm the filling. Use your Griddler Grill & Panini Press to grill sandwiches, breads and quesadillas. Tuck your favorite ingredients between artisan breads and press or make grilled sandwiches and crispy traditional panini two at a time. Experiment with a variety of savory or sweet sandwiches for any meal. We recommend using freshly baked bread to produce the best-tasting panini. Popular breads for panini are focaccia, michette, ciabatta, and thick slices of Italian bread. The Griddler Grill & Panini Press was designed with a unique handle and hinge that allows the cover to adjust to the thickness of the sandwich you are preparing. This allows for even toasting and heating. Light pressure can be applied to the handle to press and heat the sandwich to your liking. When cooking two or more panini, it is important that the thickness of all sandwiches is the same so the cover will close evenly on the panini. Two Ways to Grill The Griddler Grill & Panini Press can also be used as a contact grill to cook burgers, boneless pieces of meat, thin cuts of meat and vegetables. You can easily grill anything with even results, from a thinly-sliced potato to a sirloin steak. The floating hinge adjusts the cover to grill meats on both sides at once. Open flat to grill steaks, veggies and more. The contact grill function works best when you want to cook something in a short amount of time or when you are looking for a healthy method of grilling. When cooked on the contact grill, food will cook quickly because you are grilling both sides of the food at the same time. The ribs on the grill plates combined with the grease spout at the rear of the plates allows the grease to drip from the meat and drain off the plates. Product Features Base and Cover Solid construction with a brushed stainless steel self-adjusting cover. Panini-Style Handle Sturdy cast-metal handle adjusts the cover to accommodate thickness of food. Removable Grill Plates Nonstick for oil-free options. Dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. Indicator Lights Signal 'Power On' and 'Ready to Cook.' Drip Tray Collects grease and can be removed from the base for easy cleanup. Plate Release Buttons Push in to release and remove cooking plates. Hinge Release Button Allows the cover to lie back for cooking in the flat position. Adjustable Front Feet Tilts the unit to increase grease drainage. Instruction and Recipe Booklet Included Try out fun recipes for paninis, appetizers, desserts and more.

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FURNACE: Gold Silver Scrap Recovery And Refining Melting Furnace


Hardin-180 Metallurgical Smelting furnace The Hardin-180 is a compact electric furnace for melting scrap metal, reclaiming, alloying and refining metals and for pouring metal in vacuum casting operations. The Hardin-180 is designed to have an easily accessible crucible making it easy to pour the molten metal out with the included tongs. This makes them ideal for use in casting, reclaiming, alloying and refining metals. The Hardin-180 is automatic and features a microprocessor PID control, PID auto-tuning function electronic controllers allow for extremely precise melting temperatures of metals such as high-karat gold, silver and copper. The electronic feature regulates the temperature by providing full power input to the furnace until a selected temperature is attained, and will hold the temperature to a +/- 1F. Maximum temperature 1200C/2192F. The Hardin-426 Metallurgical Smelting furnace incorporates a heat resistant safety grill that encompasses the heating chamber to protect against accidental direct contact with chamber. This Hardin-180 Metallurgical Smelting furnace is digitally controlled and automatically regulates the temperature by providing power input to the furnace until the pre-selected temperature is attained. Hardin-180 (1 - 3 kg Capacity) Power - 1500 WATT 110 Volt Melting Capacity: Gold - 3.1 kg / 100 Troy oz Silver - 2.6 kg / 83 Troy oz 25 minutes to 1200C/2192F. Includes Graphite Crucible (2kg)

FURNACE: Gold Silver Scrap Recovery And Refining Melting Furnace With Crucible For Casting Metal Bars image

CONAIR Contact grill / GR-4N /


Contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle and half grill/half griddle Removable and reversible dishwasher-safe nonstick cooking plates for easy storage Cooking plates drain grease for healthy cooking Integrated drip tray collects grease and is easy to store Sturdy panini-style handle with hinged floating cover adjusts to thickness of food Selector knob to choose grill or griddle function Adjustable temperature controls for grill or griddle Red/green indicator lights for easy operation Brushed stainless steel housing Dishwasher-safe scraping tool for easy cleanup Instruction manual with gourmet recipes

CONAIR Contact grill / GR-4N / image

TeiKis – BBQ Grill Mat (2) and Skewer (2)


TeiKis - BBQ Grill Set - Grill Mat and Skewer Package includes : 2 units of BBQ Grill Mats + 2 units of BBQ Grill Skewers Teikis Brand - 100% money back guarantee & 2 years warranty Product Feature Perfect replacement for aluminium foil Stop food from falling through the cracks. Best for bacon, fish, small meat, vegetables and more Non-stick mat that cooks food evenly and keeps your grill clean 100% Non-stick, reusable and reversible Grill mat is PTFE coated, skewers are stainless steel Tips Wash the BBQ Gill Mat before your first use Never heat the mat exceeding 500°F Do NOT place the mat in direct contact with flames Avoid using sharp utensils on the mat Simply wash the mat in warm soapy water or the dishwasher Store the mat flat - Dishwasher safe or wipe clean

TeiKis – BBQ Grill Mat (2) and Skewer (2) image

The Outdoor GreatRoom LG20I/E-2 Legacy Cook Number Electric Grill,


From balconies to campsites-RVs to boat docks- just plug it in and our patented technology produces all the heat you need to grill, sear, roast or bake. Mini-size. Mega performance. Pays for itself -fast! Your high-efficiency Outdoor Electric Cook Number Grill costs only 10 an hour to use.

The Outdoor GreatRoom LG20I/E-2 Legacy Cook Number Electric Grill, 20-Inch image

Grill Elegant Bowknot Pattern Back Case for iPhone 4/4S(Assorted


Specifications Compatibility iPhone 4/4S, Features Back Cover, Material Plastic, Style Crystal Surface, Color Assorted Colors, Dimensions (cm) 11.8*6*1, Weight (kg) 0.02,

Grill Elegant Bowknot Pattern Back Case for iPhone 4/4S(Assorted Color) , Blue image

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